What is the Revenue Performance Management Solution?    

SaleRx Software by RPM has proven to be the MISSING LINK between Sales Analytics and Performance improvement. The primary objective of the SaleRx solution is to provide a system that can result in individuals and teams reaching their performance potential. It doesn’t matter if you’re a Software Sales Professional, Real Estate Agent, Recruiter or Consultant, improved results happens quickly. How?

SaleRx by RPM helps set goals, calculates metrics and gives a series of cloud-based weekly dashboard views. Then based on the dashboard results - SaleRx rewards the on target performance and provides a map to training and development of the deficiencies. Finally it delivers online video based training and development focused on a specific deficiency. This allows individuals and managers the ability to quickly and effectively view and manage results and make the needed changes to impact performance immediately.

How does it do this? To be specific, SaleRx measures both "Quantity and Quality" data, outlining the primary areas that need attention and improvement. Developed by top Sales and Recruiting leaders, SaleRx provides both attractive dashboards that spell out current and cumulative data in an easy to use weekly format. It also tracks the ratios that directly point to mission critical skillsets and the Quantum Leap Theorems. It not only has the ability to track this data, it is SaleRx ability to impact future performance by providing historical, current and predictive views to support better decision making! Past, Present and Future...

Each SaleRx RPM user gets Training, Set-Up, Access to the SaleRx Library and will get an invite to the monthly SaleRx users group webinar to discuss best practices the third Tuesday of Every Month.

The RPM program features several key benefits:

Easy to use

RPM is an all-in-one system that allows recruiters to set personal goals and view weekly results, and make timely adjustments as needed in efforts needed to achieve them.

Concise/Attractive Format

The RPM Dashboard offers a clear understanding of key performance indicators in a fun visual, interactive design that measures both quantity and quality data.

Real Time Data

The information is current and allows for immediate identification of critical problem areas, pinpointing where prompt action is required to improve productivity and effectiveness.

An Indispensible Management Tool

RPM allows for personal accountability, ownership and commitment from each participant while providing managers the data needed to quickly assess and address weak areas.

Dependable Self-Management Capability

RPM provides individuals participants accurate and reliable data that can be used to identify their weakest areas and allow them the opportunity to make immediate changes to them.

Ability to impact future performance!

RPM differs from other metrics programs in it’s ability to clearly highlight the problem areas in performance, allowing for immediate correction. In addition, RPM then takes it to the next level by providing solutions for improving each of the weak target areas.

The Bottom Line - Improved Performance leads to Increased Revenue.

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