About Us

Revenue Performance Management, LLC and RPM-USA.com is a Business Intelligence organization that provides self improvement tools that utilize enterprise cloud computing. RPM was initially designed and founded by Jon Bartos, for the recruiting industry with a goal of providing the best tools for maximum performance of the individual, team, agency or corporate entity.

Our Theme: Selling and Recruiting is a Science - not an art.
Our Purpose: To provide our clients tools that enable them to easily identify and analyze data, allowing them to develop their skills and release their potential within.
Our Mission: To provide our clients with products that provide value to support better decision making, tools that allow for immediate improvement and coaching strategies to help them to be successful.
Our Products: Affordable business intelligence, immediate results.

RPM-USA.com Educate. Entertain. Enlighten. Enable

Our successful customers tell our story the best. Here are just a few:

"I've spent close to 50 years in the recruiting industry. I've worked with thousands of recruiting firm owners - the most successful ones consistently had a system for monitoring the metrics of their business. I've seen many systems - the RPM Dashboard establishes a whole new standard. It is the finest and to me, the seminal tool to giving recruiting managers the visibility to make the business decisions that are crucial to the success of their business. In my opinion, every recruiting firm globally will benefit through the RPM Solution and partner program. "
Alan Schonberg
Co-Founder and Chairman Emeritus, Management Recruiters International.

" Absolutely Amazing ! The NEW RPM Mobile Dashboard system helped me to set my goals, reconstruct my daily and weekly activities, rebuilding my day to day focus and performance from the ground up, actually pushing me to focus on money making activities. In less than 28 days I went from zero to 75K in fees and generated a solid 200K in send out pipeline. I also have retained and exclusive searches that total to more than 200K. Thank you Jon Bartos and the RPM Team!"
Ash Karra
- Global Infrastructure Recruiter - Manchester, U.K.

"In medicine, prescribing without first diagnosing is malpractice. The same is true in the recruiting industry and the only way to effectively diagnose and prescribe is to track relevant data for each professional in the office. The data and resulting ratios provide incredible insight and opportunity for meaningful coaching. Finally an easy to use product/software has been created that can provide the ability to track, monitor, and analyze a recruiter's performance in real time. What an EKG is to the heart, RPM is to the heart of a search firm. Jon Bartos is a pioneer and visionary in the search industry and no surprise that he has created this incredible tool for our industry."
Jeff Kaye

"I have been teaching recruitment for over 32 years. During that time I differentiated between knowledge deficiencies and execution deficiencies. I always told my recruitment students that I was responsible for the left side of the equation - the knowledge deficiencies. And that they were responsible for the right side of the equation - the execution deficiencies. They had to pick up the phone. They had to implement the knowledge. Now I occasionally touched on the right side of the equation with certain monitoring devices, but not often. That was left up to the individual students.
Then, just recently, Jon Bartos (who I greatly respect and who I worked with on the revised 'Job Order Matrix') introduced me to his new "RPM Dashboard". When I first saw it, I thought it was like seeing all of our past monitoring devices on steroids. I immediately liked Jon's new approach in that it tackled the often neglected execution deficiencies side of the equation. I am sure that others will like it as well. But more important, will profit when they implement it.
Jon's final stroke of genius was to asked the top recruitment teachers in the industry to be involved in his project as 'certified coaches'. The bottom Line - The RPM system will help you make, and save, more money!"
Bob Marshall
TBMG, International

"Growing a recruiting firm in this economic environment is difficult. Growing a recruiting firm without sound Business Intelligence to make decisions is like sailing a boat to china without a compass. The RPM solution is the most effective solution available that allows for company owners and individual contributors to get the information they need to perform. Don't just invest in the RPM Dashboard, use it religiously to increase your revenues and increase the predictability of your income streams."
Mike Gionta
Founder and CEO
The Recruiter University

Jon Bartos' RPM has taken metrics work to places it's never been taken before. My demo with Jon was a revelation, and when you're me, that really is saying something. I pioneered the use of metrics as a coach in serving recruiting operation owners in 1994, and my methods were rapidly taken up by the best performing operations in the industry. In 1996, I created the first 3rd Party Metrics service. Everyone knew the power of metrics, but there were no 3rd Party resources for recruiters in this area back then. I still support and promote my own method of working with the numbers, called the Lock-On Report ™. So when I tell you that Jon's tool was a revelation for me, I really mean it.
Jon's tool is ever so much more than just a metrics system. He integrates a self-help and manager-support system and an entire library of tactically driven guidance and advice available at a click for the most specific, context sensitive needs that any recruiter or leader could ever imagine. And when it is Jon Bartos pulling all this together, you know from that alone that no stone will be left unturned to provide full service, ease of access, and instant money-making, career-building, company-building power.
Now that he has released RPM, there can be no reason why any recruiter should fail to serve himself or his employees in goal setting and performance tracking and improvement, and provide himself with problem solving, dream building, metrics driven success. If you haven't started down the road to glory that proper metrics management empowers, beg, borrow, buy or steal access to RPM and get started now. In fact, if you'd like to hear how I really feel about it, give me a call and I'll do everything in my power to get your started with Jon's RPM yesterday afternoon.
Pasquale "The Consigliori" Scopelliti

"RPM has revolutionized how our Account Executives look at metrics. Dare I say 'fun'? The AE's are actually asking me about their numbers."
Kirk Sears, CSM
President, WilmingtonESG, Inc. - Human Capital Specialists

"If you want to go faster - you need more RPM. To get more RPM, you need accurate and timely data.
This easy-to-use data management tool is simple and informative. You can quickly gauge your key metrics and trends to make adjustments as needed. All Sales People need an occasional coaching "tune-up" and this systems provides great content for that coaching moment.
When used correctly, RPM will be the best tool in your Toolbox."
Alan G. Bauer
President, Bauer Consulting Group, Inc.

"The RPM Platform will make a profound effect in your recruiting production. Effective Performance Management has been proven to increase employee morale, overall job satisfaction and higher productivity in the workplace. The beauty of your software is that once your recruiter defines their goals, they receive real-time production-based results and predictive analytics to keep them on-track. This eliminates the guessing game and wishful thinking of forecasting. Jon Bartos's RPM System allows business owners complete visual analysis of how their team is tracking, provides immediate remedies if under-performing and enables improved decision making that will enhance your revenue production."
James Cutter
Managing Director, SearchPath International, South Beach

"When I left one of the largest recruiting agencies in the world, I feared that I'd lose a lot of valuable resources. For a number of years I sought out a metrics system that would assist my office in tracking recruiting metrics but I just kept finding general sales tracking systems and was forced to create my own metrics system. I then teamed up with Jon Bartos when he rolled out RPM and the accountability in my office has never been more simple or transparent. With a few clicks, we can see where we are excelling and most importantly, what we need to focus on moving forward. It's definitely a system that will help any recruiting firm, large or small, increase revenue by driving activity that results in more placements."
Deanna O'Connell
Managing Partner, Red Kite Recruiting

"As a new owner and new to the Executive Search industry, RPM has helped me focus on the key metrics to achieve my goals and drive placements. By setting goals at the start and tracking metrics weekly, RPM lets me emphasize areas where I need to improve and directs me to resources for additional support. Whether you're a tenured account executive or new owner, I'd highly recommend RPM as tool to enhance your business."
Cliff Rusnak
Managing Principal

"I have been using the dashboard metrics system consistently for the past few years. I have been a top 10% producer and 7 times National Pacesetter award winner for the past 7 years in the MRI Network. The system provides me instant access to my numbers and trends on a weekly basis. It shows me exactly where I am missing my targets and allows me to make corrections immediately to ensure I do what is needed to get back on track to achieve my goals and keep my award winning status."
Marc Sennett

"Using it for years in my office, If you want to aggressively scale your desk, team or recruiting practice, the RPM Way is the most effective way."
Jon Bartos
President and CEO

"RPM has the potential to revolutionize the recruiting industry. Other industries have embraced Six Sigma and Process Improvement initiatives to increase profits and with RPM the recruiting industry can now have a much more modern way to measure metrics with a very slick software giving sales people the visuals they need to stay focused on goals! It is created by one of the industry's Top Managers and Producers - and it has tons of specific tips for immediate improvement based on each persons customized plan. If you or your organization want to be your best...RPM is way!"
Jeremy Sisemore
President and Founder

We've all heard time and again how important tracking metrics is to achieving peak performance in recruiting. Jon Bartos has been setting the standard for the recruiting industry for many years, and his RPM software suite has set a new standard as well. The RPM dashboard is by far the best system I've ever seen in terms of providing a clear picture of the true health of your recruiting desk, and allowing you to accurately predict future production for yourself and your staff. As a manager, it helps me set appropriate expectations for my team to achieve THEIR personal goals, and then hold them accountable! No more guessing- the picture is right in front of you and tells the story. You want that roof-top deck? Get back on the phones and setup some more interviews!!!
Jordan Rayboy
President and CEO
Rayboy Insider Search

It is really an eye opener!!! I am loving it! Worth every cent.
Elizabeth S. Tischer