What is Revenue Performance Management?

The primary objective of the Revenue Performance Management (RPM) solution is to provide a system that can result in individuals and teams reaching their performance potential. It doesn't matter if you're a Sales Professional, Recruiter or Staffing Consultant, improved results can happen. Based on the premise "Performance is a Science", the RPM System proves this hypothesis. How is it done?

The RPM System helps set goals, calculates metrics and gives a series of cloud-based weekly dashboard views. Then based on the dashboard results - the RPM System rewards the on target performance and provides a map to training and development of the deficiencies.

Finally it delivers online video based training and development focused on a specific deficiency. This allows individuals and managers the ability to quickly and effectively view and manage results and make the needed changes to impact performance immediately...

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Highlighted Features

Team and individual dashboards

Easy mobile access

Informative training vidoes

Advanced desktop input